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PAN Application


PAN Application
TAN Application

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PAN Application
TAN Application
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What is a Permanent Account Number?

PAN or Permanent Account Number is a 10 digit alpha-numeric identity issued by the Income Tax Department of India. It is a unique account number allocated by the Income Tax Department, which is used to track and manage all the Income Tax assessee in India.

Although the PAN card application is voluntary, it must be obtained before engaging in certain transactions. For entering into a financial transaction exceeding a specified amount, quoting PAN is compulsory. Also, every business entity must apply for PAN card application within the 30 days of its formation or incorporation.

Requirements of Permanent Account Number

Compulsory for opening Bank Accounts

Every individual or business entrepreneur requires to open a savings/current bank account, needs to submit some specified KYC documents among which PAN is the most essential document.

Mandatory for filing ITR

Nationalized Identity Card

Pan Card is accepted as identity proof for every individual and all the way to the businesses. From opening a bank account to Government registration, PAN card of individual or business is a primary requirement.

For TDS and TCS transactions

Every person, deducting or collecting tax at source must mention own PAN and also of the deductee. By quoting a PAN, the tax credit will be associated with concerned person’s account.

Mention PAN in specified cases

Documents Required for PAN Application

Address Proof

Copy of Aadhar Card or other address proof, in case of individual


Two passport size photograph, in case of individual

Birth Certificate

Copy of Birth Certificate, in case of Minor

Proof from Parents

ID proof and Address proof of any of the parent

Certificate of Incorporation

CoI in case of company and LLP


Agreement in case of LLP and Partnership Firm

Structure of PAN

For unique identification, a specified structure of 10 digit code is provided

First three characters

Alphabetical series from AAA to ZZZ

Fourth Character

Informs about status of assessee

Fifth Character

Fifth character of assessee’s last name

Sixth to Ninth Characters

Sixth to Ninth Characters

Tenth Character

Numeric check digit generated automatically


Register a PAN in 3 Easy Steps

1. Answer Quick Questions

  • Spare less than 5 minutes to fill in our Questionnaires
  • Provide basic details & documents required for online PAN registration
  • Make payment through secured payment gateways

2. Experts are Here to Help

  • Preparation and verification of application
  • Submission of online PAN Card Application
  • Acknowledgment receipt of an application filed

3. Your PAN is assigned

*Subject to Government processing time


PAN Card Application Process

Day 1

  • Collection of required documents

Day 2

  • Preparation and verification of Application
  • Handing the Application to Income Tax Authority
  • Sharing acknowledgment receipt

Day 3 - 10


Explore about PAN Application online

Who can apply for PAN card?

Any Indian citizen, including a minor, can apply for allotment of Permanent Account Number by furnishing valid proof and documents. Foreign individual or entity can also apply for PAN allotment.

Whether new business requires PAN card?

Yes, every business established in India must apply for PAN card online or offline within the 30 days of establishment. However, sole proprietorship firm does not need so as it does not have a separate identity from its owner.

In how much time is the Permanent Account Number (PAN) allotted?

Once the application for PAN Card is forwarded, generally it takes 5 – 7 working days for allotment of PAN. However, receipt of physical PAN card may take time.

What is the validity of PAN card?

The Permanent Account Number, once allotted, comes with lifetime validity for individuals and business entities. If the businesses entities are dissolved or closed, it must surrender the allotted PAN.

Can I hold more than one PAN card?

A Person cannot hold more than one PAN card. If a person holds more than one PAN, a penalty of Rs. 10,000/- may be imposed under section 272B. Therefore, the person holding more than one PAN must surrender it immediately.