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Business Packages

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Rs9,999Per Year
Sales & Purchase transaction of one month upto 50 entries
Filing of Monthly GST Returns - GSTR - 3B & 1
Filing GST Annual returns - GSTR - 9 & 9C
Reconcilliation of Income Tax Credit
GST Consultation
Assistance in Payment of challan

Executive Packages

Rs14,999Per Year
Sales & Purchase transaction of one month upto 100 entries
Filing of Monthly GST Returns - GSTR - 3B & 1
Filing GST Annual returns - GSTR - 9 & 9C
Reconcilliation of Income Tax Credit
GST Consultation
Assistance in Payment of challan

Premium Packages

Rs24,999Per Year
Sales & Purchase transaction of one month upto 200 entries
Filing of Monthly GST Returns - GSTR - 3B & 1
Filing GST Annual returns - GSTR - 9 & 9C
Reconcilliation of Income Tax Credit
GST Consultation
Assistance in Payment of challan



GST return filing is completely an online process in India. GST filing is very easy and quick process. However, it is necessary that returns are filed correctly and error-free to ensure that GST credit can be passed onto the next stage. All you need is GST website login credentials to get started. Once your GST registration is done, to file GST return is mandatory. Non-filing of of the same entail heavy penalties.

All registered persons under GST are required to file various returns. Main returns to be filed are GSTR-3B (which is a monthly summary) and GSTR 1 (details of outward supplies).

GSTR 3B is to be filed every month by 20th. However, the government has recently introduced QRMP Scheme according to which if the turnover for a business for previous year is up to 5 crores, you can pay your GST on monthly basis and file your GSTR 3B quarterly.

Finally, an annual GST return GSTR 9 must be filed by all GST registered entities on/before the 31st of December.

GSTR 4 is to be filed if you have opted for composition scheme. The registered entities will be required to file GST returns even if the entity has not done any business during any period.

Additionally there’s yearly GSTR 9C to be filed, which is GST Annual Audit. It is a reconciliation statement which needs to be self certified.

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Various Returns under GST

Points to make your decision easy

GSTR 1 Filing

GSTR 1 is the record of all sales. Under this form, the suppliers will have to report their outward supplies during the reporting month. According to the norm, all the registered taxable persons are required to file the same by the 10th of the following month or quarter.

GSTR 3B Filing

GSTR-3B is a monthly self-declaration, which should be filed by every registered person under GST. It is a simplified summary return of inward and outward supplies Due date of filing of GSTR 3B is 20th of the subsequent month. GSTR 3B once filed can not be revised.

GSTR 4 Filing

GSTR-4 is a Return that has to be filed by a Composition Dealer. Unlike a normal taxpayer who needs to furnish 2 monthly returns, a dealer opting for the composition scheme is required to furnish 1 return which is GSTR-4 on or before 18th of the month subsequent to each quarter.

GSTR 9 Filing

All the taxpayers registered under GST are required to file their annual return in a particular form. That form is called the GSTR 9. Due date of filing of GSTR 9 is 31st December every year. It is a consolidation of all the monthly/quarterly returns filed in that year.

GSTR 9A Filing

Return GSTR 9A is an annual return to be filed by dealers who have opted composition scheme. It includes all the information furnished in the quarterly returns filed by the composition taxpayers during that financial year. It is to be filed on or before 31st December every year.


GSTR 9C is a statement of reconciliation between the Annual returns filed in GSTR 9 for a financial year and the figures as per the audited annual financial Statements of the taxpayer.  The GSTR-9C must be filed on or before 31st December of the subsequent year.

How to File GST Returns?

5 Easy Steps

We will remind you before due date

Submit Documents

Verification of Documents

Preparation of GST Return

GST Return filed & Ack Generated

Fill a Simple Checklist


A Compliance Manager will get in touch with you to remind you about your due date of GST Filing and obtain your documents along with a simple checklist. You need to fill up that checklist and submit along with your documents for processing.

Return Preparation

Ebizfiling India Private LimitedOur expert team will verify documents and proceed with return preparation. All throughout the process, your dedicated Compliance Manager will keep you updated on the progress of the filing of GST Return.

Return Filing

Ebizfiling India Private LimitedWe will get your return reviewed from you before filing. Once you approve it, we will file your GST returns online. Upon successful filing, we will send a confirmation email along with the acknowledgment receipt to your registered email ID.


Explore GST Returns

I hold valid GST registration number. I do not have any business activity for a particular month. Do I still have to file my GST Return?

Yes, as long as you hold GST registration number, you need to file NIL returns, if there are not reportable transactions.

What is the composition scheme under GST? Can I opt for the same?

GST Composite scheme is for small traders and manufacturers who wish to avail exemptions under GST. Businesses with sales less than Rs. 150 Lakh can avail this scheme

Did I make some errors in filing GST3B? Can I revise the same?

Return once filed cannot be revised. However, you may give appropriate adjustments in subsequent returns. Get in touch with us to know more on this.

How long does it take to file a GST Return?

We adopt a very simple Return filing process. Once you submit us the required documents, we usually file a return within 1 working day.

What should I do if DSC does not work while filing?

If DSC does not work, you can always file a GST return using other methods which involve an OTP from your registered phone number, your PAN information, and a DSC.

Which Cities do you provide your services?

compliancemsme.com provides its services all across India. You can file PF Returns in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Kanpur, Nagpur, Jaipur or any other cities easily with us.

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Our expert will help you in choosing the best suitable plan for you. Get in touch with our team to get all your queries resolved. Write to us at support@compliancemsme.com or call us @+91 7909997575.